Robert Slay, CDT - Founder Of Slay Dental

Slay Dental Is A Dedicated, Full Service Dental Laboratory That Offers Outstanding Customer Services And Supportive Technical Assistance To You And Your Practice. In Addition, We Offer High Quality Products To Your Patients That Are Easy To Deliver And Gives Them A Reason To Smile Again.

Robert Slay, The Founder Of Slay Dental, Is A Certified Dental Technician With Over 40 Years Of Experience In The Dental Industry. His Long Term Experience, Skilled Dental Technicians, And Commitment To Excellence Are Why Slay Dental Has Become Mississippi's Number One Dental Laboratory. 


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SlayFlex Unilateral

SlayFlex Unilateral Partials Can Provide An Adequate And Uncomplicated Replacement For Missing Teeth, Either As A Temporary Or Permanent Solution. They Are Lightweight, Practically Invisible And A Favorable Comparison To Cast Metal Unilaterals Or Fixed Restorations.


Soft Lock



Where Most Partials Have Clasps To Hold Them In Place, Soft Lock Partials Contain Holes Filled With Silicone That Serve As Gaskets That Fit Comfortably Over The Remaining Teeth To Hold It In Place. This Prosthetic Is Supported By Soft Tissue, Therefore There Is Less Stress Placed On The Teeth. It Is Also More Aesthetically Pleasing, Comfortable, And A Good Alternative To Conventional Clasped Partials.

Flexi-Clear Clasp

Many People Do Not Like The Look Of Metal Clasps On Their Partial Dentures Or They May Feel Discomfort. Flexi-Clear Clasps Take The Place Of Anterior Metal Clasps For Comfort And Aesthetics. They Are Made Of The Same Thermoplastic Material As A Flexible Partial, And Are A Superior Alternative To Conventional Partial Clasps. These Clear Clasps Can Be Fabricated Onto Both SlayFlex And SlayCast Partials.


Implant Over Denture


The Use Of Dental Implants To Stabilize Dentures Has Proven To Be Successful For Many People. The Number Continues To Grow As Word Spreads About The Effectiveness And Long-Term Durability Of The Treatment. In Fact, It Has Been Reported That Dental Implants Have The Highest Success Rate Of Any Implanted Surgical Device.

The Benefits:

  • Restores Proper Chewing, Allowing A Better Diet And Improved Health
  • Improves Speech And Confidence
  • Increases Comfort With Less Irritation Of Gum Tissue
  • Ends The Cost And Inconvenience Of Denture Adhesives
  • Often Can Utilize An Existing Denture
  • Minimally Invasive Procedure

Metal Based Denture

This Full Denture Is Fabricated With A Metal Base For Strength To Prevent Breakage. It Is Durable And Longer Lasting Than Regular Dentures And Is A Great Solution For Patients That Are Hard On Their Dentures.

The Advantages:

  • Very Biocompatible And Hypoallergenic With Healthy Appearing Supporting Tissues
  • May Include A Soft Liner
  • Can Be Relined Easily
  • Provides Added Strength For Easily Broken Narrow Dentures
  • Facilitates Fabrication Of Stable Narrow Based Dentures That Are Designed To Avoid Contact With Disrupting Muscle Forces
  • Sometimes Facilitates The Avoidance Of Surgical Procedures To Reposition Frenum
  • Patients Perceive A More Natural Feeling From The Added Weight
  • Weight May Contribute To Additional Denture Stability
  • Dimensionally Very Stable When Compared To All Plastic Based Dentures During Fabrication And Over Time




This Unique Partial Has The Same Aesthetics And Comfort As A Flexible Partial But Is Cast Metal Based For Added Strength And Durability. This Cutting-Edge Prosthetic Is Long Lasting, Aesthetically Pleasing And Custom Made To Perfectly Fit The Patient’s Mouth. It Is Increasingly Becoming More Popular Here At Slay Dental.

an affordable solution


Economy Partials And Dentures Are An Affordable Option In Removable Prosthetics,  And A Preferred Selection By Many Patients. At Slay Dental, You Can Cut Costs Without Compromising Quality At An Unbeatable Price Of $259 Per One Step Unit!

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 E-Max Is Not Only Durable And Natural Looking But Also Requires Minimal Removal Of Tooth Structure.



Zirconia Restorations Are Strong And Durable And Are An Aesthetic Alternative To Cast Gold And Metal Occlusal PFMs

Retainers and Occlusal Guards

We Have Ortho


When We Say Full Service Dental Laboratory, We Mean It. Colorful Retainers, Space Maintainers and Occlusal Guards. 



"I have been practicing dentistry for over 40 years now and your crown and bridge is the best I've ever seen. 

I have never had it this good." 

Lee Roberts DDS

Baldwyn, MS


"Your partial delivery is adjustment free and your denture processing after wax trial is perfect every time. 

I am very satisfied with everything."

Raymond Brown DDS

Warren, AR


"I have worked with Slay Dental for many years now and I appreciate the personal service that they offer along with 

their high quality products."

Kimberly Smith DMD

Mendenhall, MS


"Great customer service and support. Timely, with high quality products."

Brad Franklin DMD

Flora, MS


"A full service dental lab that is there to work with you when needed.

 Exceptional removable prosthetics."

Randy Cole DDS

Winnfield, LA


"Great job as usual.

You guys are the best!"

Ronnie Faulkner DDS

Mount Ida, AR

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When You Need To Send A Case, Simply Call Us Toll Free At 877-905-SLAY And We Will Fax A Free Shipping Label To Your Office And Provide You With The Nearest Drop Off Location. For Added Convenience, Call UPS At 866-PICK-UPS And They Will Pick The Case Up For You For A Small Service Fee. UPS Is A Reliable Shipping Method That Provides Tracking Information And Next Day Delivery To Most Service Areas. 

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